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New Construction With
Sale Leaseback Funding
 from concept
 to construction
 to completion
Deferred Ownership Funding
Converts Equity Into Cash
Improves Credit Standing
Avoid Debt Restrictions
Potential Tax Advantages
From Coast To Coast
Our associates are ready to serve you
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Washington, DC
Sarasota, Florida
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Your Solution To Capital Funding

Dedicated To Meeting Your Needs

At Bishop/Hayden we know that each customer has their own unique needs, and we are dedicated to meeting those needs. From biotech to shopping malls, office buildings and manufacturing facilities, and everything in-between, we have the experience and expertise to evaluate your requirements and, through our proprietary network of investor/lenders, provide you with the best source of funding for your needs.

As with any form of lending, sale-leaseback rates offered to companies of all types and sizes are driven by a company’s creditworthiness. This does not mean however that other criteria are not and cannot be a factor. In the case of a private company the personal wealth and guarantees of an individual and bonds would also be a factor.

Once we are given the information we require from your company we will go to work for you. Our principals are experienced in finance, construction and commercial real estate, and bring experience, attention to detail and talent to every deal on our clients' behalf. We excel at what we do, and bring good judgment and integrity to every deal we undertake.